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Action School of Bartending in Atlanta is the most affordable bartending school offering courses in bartending and helping make professional bartendings through our classes! We offer days and weekend hours to fit your busy schedule. Call us today!

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Curriculums Designed to Prepare You for the Job Market In Only 2 Weeks!


Proper Setup & Breakdown
Bar Tools &Equipment
Common Glassware
Wine Essentials
Beer Basics
Liquors &Liqueurs
Customer Service
Hygiene & Sanitation
Drink Recipes

Classes Available 7 Days A Week &
New Classes Start Every Week

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We are a learning facility authorized  by Nonpublic Post- Secondary Education Commission. In order to keep up to date with the latest standards , We also maintain close affiliations with the TIPS training programs, the National Restaurant Association, and the Flair Bartenders Association.